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As I soar high in the sky,

I take my solitude shorn of a sigh.

Thrills of a flock are a thing of past.

I have to fly, as long as I last.

My nest somewhere in a far-flung tree,

And a radiant blue as long as I see.

I cannot rest, no land in sight,

I fly on the waves of deep sea's might.

I search for a mast for my wings to rest,

I long to shine in my endless quest.

I may just reach the ordained shores,

Or may just crash on destiny's door.

None to blame for this trip of mine,

For I declined to fall in line.

No one would know, if I fail and fall,

They moved away when I took this call.

I do not fly for credit or fame,

I fade away or carve my name.

I fly on the wings of my desire,

Keen to be charred in the chariot of fire.

Vinti Jetley..
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