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It was successfully able to spread its influence and inspiration across the national fabric among the tri-services.


Unkahi: Buffering Beyond the Barrel has breathed a new life into the archived leaves from the diaries of multiple writers and poets. It is a jewel of creative writings embedded with organic thoughts, spiritual interventions, episodes of flirting with destiny, touching narratives, fond memories, training immersions, proud moments, excerpts from curated conversations, memoirs, lifestyle stories, and poetic reminiscences of the metaphysics of what it takes to stay committed to a cause; and the cause is nothing but one’s motherland. It is a feeble attempt to unravel fighters’ inner lives and reflections in any form that twinkles between reality and imagination.

Unकही: Buffering Beyond the Barrel

  • ISBN : 978-81-956557-6-2
    Pages : 273
    Binding : PB
    Year : 2024


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