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Break to Breakthrough is your guide to personal growth and professional success. Discover thekeys to unlocking your potential through insights on Personal Mastery, Self-Awareness, andGoal Setting. Learn effective strategies for Focus, Habit Building, and Time Management.

Explore practices like Meditation, Mindfulness, and Self-Regulation for balance and inner peace.With practical tools like the S.A.V.E.R.S Routine and the 3P Blueprint, craft your personalizedstrategy for transformation.

Whether navigating career changes or seeking personal growth, this book equips you with themindset and tools for success. Dive in and embark on your journey towards self-transformationand fulfillment!

Shreeja Kurup is an Entrepreneur and Transformational Coach. She brings two decades ofbanking experience in the UAE's top institutions to her coaching practice. Transitioning fromcorporate life to entrepreneurship, she prioritizes personal growth and empowerment,immersing herself in mindfulness, NLP, and personal finance to guide others toward successand fulfillment.

In 2022, she founded United Experts and Associates FZ LLC, assisting UAE entrepreneurs withbusiness setup, account opening, and legal and tax implementation. Alongside her businessendeavors, she mentors individuals on self-care and wellness, helping them realize their fullpotential and find fulfillment.

Shreeja is on a mission to empower others to become the best version of themselves and lead
lives filled with purpose and awareness.

Break to Breakthrough

  • ISBN 9788196920975
    PP 240
    YEAR   2024


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