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Publication and Services

Editing is the most important part of publishing a book. A book, if published with errors, affects the name of author as well as the publisher. Therefore, we take ample care to send error-free manuscripts to the printers.

Copy-editing is the first stage where a raw manuscript is checked for grammar and spelling. If any sentences need to be rewritten the authors are always consulted.

Proof-reading is done on edited manuscripts for remaining errors basically typographical errors.

Type-setting The designer is an important person in bringing out the book. He is skilled in layout, font size, page margins, etc.

Book Cover ​An ideal cover communicates the theme of the book and is an important marketing tool. Our talented designers use impactful imagery, colour palettes and typography to create eye-catching and tasteful covers for our books.

The cover also has ISBN barcode (issued by the government body) which gives a global identity to a particular book.

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