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Usually, people do not care about their online privacy and digital security, which is a very important aspect of our daily life. This book, Cyber Security and Digital Privacy: A Universal Approach, is a pocket-guide for all technology users and the common public to stay aware of the fact that the world is facing the verticals of information technology.

With the constant change in technology, the landscape of cyber-risk has also gone wide. This book has all the theoretical and practical concepts demonstrated with pragmatic case-studies that will help one get an overall understanding of securing the gadgets, smartphones, applications, and computer systems. This will also make one aware of some facts that are happening in the digital world, unnoticeable. There are a few stories and real-time scenarios that will help you understand the threats and how to act on them accordingly. Finally, the book has all the common cyber laws and principles that will help you take proactive measures before things get worse.

All school and college students, teachers, professionals, daily tech users, and everyone who is somehow connected to the digital world can read this book. It has all the steps, techniques, and interrelated meanings that can give you a fair idea toward securing your tech-arena. The book has a clear, easily understandable, figure-based, and step-wise explanation of all the practical demonstrations. The focus of the author is on digital security and privacy awareness, and how to protect the common users and keep the reader's secure and safe in this complex digital era.


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